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About Fat Cat

Fat Cat is the web design and Flash programming arm of NYC-based Tabby Sound, Ltd, a prominent audio production studio. Known for voice recording, creative radio production, TV post, industrials and music/sound design, Tabby Sound’s experienced professionals have always been sensitive to making sure every project that leaves the studio conveys the client’s message loud and clear.  And with the proliferation in recent years of “new media”, Tabby decided to broaden this philosophy into visual media as well.

Enter Fat Cat.  We're different from a lot of those web designers out there, because we don't want your message to get lost in all sorts of "Flash"-y bells and whistles. Our goal is to build straightforward, informative web and multimedia experiences, where the take-away is not necessarily "Wow, cool site", but "Wow, I want what they have!"   Don’t get the wrong idea…we can do the cool stuff too…but as with anything else, less is more.  Judicious use of visually impressive elements works much better than inundation.

So if you want a web site that informs better, an online tutorial that keeps users interested, a trade show presentation that attracts crowds to your booth, contact Fat Cat Media today.  We’re listening…

Fat Cat Media Web Design • (914) 260-9012